Pocztówka z 1912 z widocznym budynkiem frontowym Instytutu
Elewacja frontowa głównego budynku zespołu - fotografia 1939
fot. Serwis Orkiestry Sinfonia Varsovia


The Sinfonia Varsovia found its own home only in 2010 – the former Veterinary Institute in the historic Kamionek district of Praga Południe, a major district of Warsaw. The property is outlined by Grochowska and Terespolska streets, and to the east lies the Obwodu Praga Armii Krajowej Park. The history of Kamionek, formerly referred to as the hamlet of Kamion harks back to the Middle Ages. It became a part of Warsaw only in 1889.

The complex of the former Veterinary Institute was built in 1899-1900 in accordance with an historicizing, neo-renaissance design by Vladimir Pokrovsky. Five of the oldest buildings are on the historical heritage register. In the centre of the complex lies the largest, most imposing building. Immediately beyond it, to the north-east, lies the park. The corners of the complex are occupied by single-story pavilions (facing Grochowska Street). There are also two two-story Annexes towards the back of the area. This palace-like layout with a clearly delineated axis is one of its fundamental merits and a major reason for placement on the historical heritage register. The remaining buildings were erected after 1925. They are currently used as office and technical facilities.