Resolution of the Council of the Capital City of Warsaw – Construction of the Sinfonia Varsovia Centrum

We are very happy to hear of the Council of the Capital City of Warsaw adopting a resolution changing the city’s budget to allow us to approve the construction design and submit an application to obtain a construction permit to build the Sinfonia Varsovia Centrum, and subsequently to let a tender intended to select the general contractor of the construction works.


visualization: Atelier Thomas Pucher

The fundamental premise of the Sinfonia Varsovia Centrum is to create a unique location focused on music for the residents of Warsaw and for visitors to the city. The complex is more than just a few concert halls, including the largest hall in Poland, boasting a unique design and wonderful acoustics. It also features educational facilities, including space for young artists (Sinfonia Varsovia Academy, artistic residences, rehearsal halls), a recording studio, conference room and facilities intended for visitors of all ages. There will also be many places designed simply for having a good time – a music store café, restaurant, a garden connected with the Park of Obwodu Praga AK and a gallery located 20 m above the ground for admiring the view of the Kamionek district and all of Warsaw.

The construction of Sinfonia Varsovia Centrum is part of the Integrated Programme for the Restoration of the Capital City of Warsaw.